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About My35 Construction

Transforming I-35 to be Smart and Efficient

I-35 through Central Texas is one of the most congested highways in Texas.

It serves as the backbone of our local, regional and national transportation network, and lack of mobility on I-35 is threatening the economic livelihood of our community and our state. Improvements to this 50-year-old interstate are required to address the increased congestion and travel-time delay due to population and employment growth.

The Mobility35 Program will improve mobility and connectivity for all modes of transportation—cars, transit, trucks, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles—along and across I-35, as funding is identified. The program limits include 79 miles of I-35 from the Williamson/Bell county line to the Hays/Comal county line.

As our cranes and trucks move into this stretch of I-35, we’re committed to being a good neighbor to nearby property owners and drivers. We understand it can be tough on everyone when construction starts, which is why we’re doing everything we can to minimize impacts and keep you informed.

What to Expect

  • Noise – Construction work is unavoidably noisy. Expect us to schedule the loudest work at the least impactful times and use noise limiting techniques, like ambient backup alarms, during night work.
  • Lights – Construction lighting is needed during night work for crews to perform their jobs. We will do our best to direct lights away from nearby properties and highway traffic.
  • Lane shifts and closures – To safely complete our work, we need to occasionally close lanes. We will provide directional signage, and if you sign up, alert you ahead of time.
  • Vibration – Activities like drilling, concrete hammering, and excavation may cause vibration. These activities will be monitored to ensure it is at safe levels.
  • Dust – Construction is dusty, but we are working to keep dirt at bay with onsite sweepers and water trucks.
  • Changes to access – To safely pave and modify frontage roads, we may temporarily modify property access.


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